Our beef is raised on lush pastures with a wide diversity of cool and warm season grasses and legumes. We have focused our genetics on carcass quality for marbling and tenderness. The beef is on pastures its entire life. We do feed shelled corn (no distillers grains or any byproducts - just straight corn) the last 90 days before slaughter to add some fat to enhance flavor as well as contribute to its juiciness and tenderness. For us it is the best of both worlds grass fed and grain finished. Let your taste buds confirm the difference.
We have been rotational and intensive grazing since the early 90's. We continue to increase pasture quality and forage diversity and production.
You are able to get the best quality beef available knowing exactly where it came from and how it was raised. We only sell beef we have raised. We do not buy animals from the sale barn nor do any sourcing. We do not use any artificial hormones, chemicals, and only antibiotics when absolutely necessary for a specific medical condition. You can be assured you are getting safe nutrient rich beef that will encourage your health and wellbeing. When buying our beef, you are supporting our family and not the industrial farm complex. It allows our family to thrive and be able to give back to our community.

How our Beef Buying System Works

1. Pick Your Package: Choose the perfect beef package for your family.

2. Get Fun Updates: As a Beef Buyer, you will get fun updates from the farm. You can sit back, relax, and watch amazing beef head your way.

3. We'll process your order and ship it out the following Tuesday. You'll be notified when it it ships and when it should arrive.

3. Enjoy! It will be like Christmas waiting for it to be delivered. But the wait will be worth it!!!

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Bulk Beef Options

Bulk Beef Options
  • Stephen & Klyn

    Thank you for the great beef! From the absolutely beautiful marbling to the nicely packaged tender, tasty and delicious beef my family has enjoyed every cut from the hamburger to the roasts to the bone broth soups! We are so pleased with the fresh quality beef this has made our family meal times all the more enjoyable as we get the great satisfyingly mouth watering goodness and high quality beef to savor and enjoy. I also appreciate the beef coming from a family farm going directly to my family's table. That's important to our family. We look forward to getting more from you soon once we are getting low in a few months.

  • Rachel

    We're really enjoying our beef. Previously we didn't eat much beef. Now we're learning steak grilling techniques and different way to prepare hamburger. The hamburgers are much less greasy than what we would buy from Fresh Market. We love knowing where our food is coming form and are happy to support America's farmers. Bonus that it's also family. We're happy with it and plan to continue ordering.

  • Kyle

    The beef arrived today. Wow! I'm just amazed. This is really, really good stuff! Thank you so much!

  • Sara

    It's been some fo the most tender steaks and not fatty.

Heyle Heritage Handshake

Our word is our "handshake," our promise, to you that you will satisfied with our beef. If you are not completely satisfied, we will make it right with you.